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Architecture for living.

My name is Csaba Fodor and I was born in 1986. I have been fascinated by Architecture from a very early age and becoming an Architect was a childhood dream for me. I studied at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava and at the Technical University of Vienna.

During my studies I have had the opportunity to work, as an intern, at a building/design company in Bratislava and in Freiburg (Germany) as well. Since 2011 I live and work in Austria where I have been working on various projects which include: design and realization of family homes and apartment blocks, schools, office and industrial buildings and hotels (both new and remodeling projects).

Architecture is more than just a work for me. It plays a very important role in my life as it enables me to create a home, a workplace or a place for free-time activities. Architecture is an instrument through which one can influence the environment and also can make peoples imagination a reality. For me, Architecture is a mission, service to others and also a responsibility.

I like to spend my free-time with my family. I am married and have three children. In addition, I like books, football, music and the sea.

Csaba Fodor

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